Credible is a CeDeFi (Centralized-Decentralized Finance) protocol that facilitates borrowing and lending backed by tokenized real-world assets.

Tokenization opens doors to fractional investment opportunities, granting asset managers access to liquidity. However, investors often seek both steady annual yields and quick high returns through other DeFi opportunities. Despite the rapid growth of the tokenized assets market, investors face a challenge: their capital becomes locked in RWAs, hindering their ability to pursue high-risk opportunities in the decentralized world. The only apparent solution seems to be selling off these assets to unlock liquidity.

This is where Credible steps in to assist tokenized RWA holders. By enabling them to collateralize their assets, Credible offers a means to borrow liquidity without relinquishing ownership of their tokenized RWAs. This approach empowers investors to explore diverse opportunities in the decentralized space without sacrificing their existing asset holdings.

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